This is one of those post’s which could have a hundred beginnings, a variety of topics and an ending which leads to another beginning. This is definitely not unusual or new in the world of wordsmiths (amateur or professional) but for me in fact it is the first time. Great! It means I have an abundance of experiences and literal ideas to download, describe and attempt to bring alive.

I have been writing a bit of poetry which goes under the blog name of “bobo loco” which literally translated into English means “crazy fool”. The idea behind this is inspired by Hunter S. Thompson, Jack Kerouac and flavored with my personal brand of nutty brain sauce. It is a good way for me to flow creatively as well as to expand and explore the boundaries of my mind and more closely develop my personal style and method.

I feel as if I should write at least three pieces to explain what’s been happening the last few weeks.
But I’m not going to. So here it is all rather jumbled but coherent. I think.

I prepared and successfully compiled an English exam for 150 students in three different courses.

I have to interrupt this. I am sitting outside under cover and it has begun to rain. Water makes me excessively dreamy. The drops are falling into the pool and causing hundreds of tiny ripples which collide and disappear. It puts all sorts of interesting thoughts in my head. Often once I would get out of the water after surfing for 2 or 3 hours I would stand in my wetsuit and stare into the distance for what seemed like forever. Dazed and Content. Liquid dreams. Blissful memories….

Yes, so to return to the task at hand.

Paraguayan congress impeached their president last week. In 24 hours. It’s amazing. He was accused of mis-handling a land claim case in which 17 people were tragically killed as well as other complaints of behaving like a dictator and fathering 3 or 4 kids during his term, one of which was with a 14 year old girl. All in a days work for them catholic priests or so I’m led to believe.

Side note: For those of you who know the concept of “African time” which basically means “things might or might not happen” it will amuse you to discover that in fact “Paraguayan time” means “we will tell you this IS going to happen or YES we can help you and that YOU must be there early and then they either can’t do it or are an hour late in arriving”

Extra side note: If you need something done urgently, you will be required to phone your direct contact to assist you who will then either give you a number of another contact or they will phone you back (or not) and tell you to wait for someone to call (or not) or they will tell you to email them after said 4 calls have been made without any progress except for congenial inquiries after each-others health and work.

Gotta love it. Cos if you don’t you will get extremely frustrated and quite possibly go out of your mind.

This is why we travel to new countries. To wrap our heads around new cultures and societal norms that boggle our pre-existing ideas,conditioning and forcefully open our minds.

Interestingly, the director of Fundacion Paraguaya who hired me to come work and learn at the Ag. School and is a family friend, has been appointed by the vice president (now president) as his chief of staff. Paraguay never ceases to surprise. Certainly a better man for the job there could not be. Suerte.

Interjection… Paraguay is in the heart of South America and therefore you would be forgiven for thinking it’s 30 degrees Celsius all year round. In fact. NO. Regularly we have experienced 2 to 5 degrees.Brrr.

So yes lots of excitement, change and interesting developments in this most unique country.

I am currently on vacation from teaching English and will be celebrating my 25th birthday next Monday at a secret spot known only as “crystal falls” with my delightful, gorgeous and special lady who keeps me sane and happy in love and light. I am so blessed and grateful to share these times of change and growth with you and give thanks for all the laughter, our inspiring connection and blissful, positive vibes.

Let the good times keep on rolling. For all.

* watch this space;) *


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