This writing thing is very….. Interesting.

I find myself torn between writing real life accounts with carefully structured metaphors or alternatively ripping into a Jack Kerouac slash Hunter S. Thompson jet-fueled carnival rally narrative.

My solution I believe is to create another blog for creative writing and keep this one gently running along the lines of travelling and opinion based accounts.

Guess you could say I just wrote my thoughts out loud there but I had to because the solution only materialized once reading it for myself. Great tool to know and use in that kind of situation.

I have been very busy, we went to Iguazu Falls last weekend and had a mindblowing soaking of natural energy and inspiration. Rainbows everywhere, water, cliffs, islands, beaches and birds of brightest colour all jammed into what is a wonderous and magical experience.

We took a boat ride which put us right in the thick of the cascading sheets of spray and when I yelled my exhilaration it felt as if the waterfall and I morphed and exchanged a connection unfelt before.

There has been a great deal more laughter in the recent weeks…

This school is buzzing with its regular activity, also being injected with new people who are all drawn by the magnetic energy of the atmosphere that we work in which can only be likened to a laboratory that produces magical and real experiments every day.

The driving force is the reality. It’s not a game. No margin for error.

Two weeks ago we went to a little town called Aregua. I accepted the offer of a car, so we packed and loaded up with an ipad for directions. Left hand drive car – right hand road driving. That really got my brain and muscle control working. We made it safely and pulled into a town of about 12000 people, an estimated 6000 of which are expats all settled in running coffee shops, art galleries, accommodation and various other small businesses. A beautiful lake greeted us as we walked down the ‘main’ road after parking our car at a semi-funky hostel called casa amarilla (the yellow house) the home of a eccentric junk artist who creates sculptures and art works out of bits and pieces that get thrown out of home on a daily basis. Beautiful and creative.

Pizza in Paraguay is pretty decent! The beer is good too. The people are warm, a little shy at first but genuine and kind when they open up. Speaking to an educated local who has some international experience is a great way of getting an insight into why the country is so far under the radar of other countries and people. One reasoning I was presented with was simply that they don’t want to be part of the international community.

This may sound strange and when asked to elaborate further the speaker went on to remind me of the triple alliance war. Brasil, Argentina and  Bolivia declared war on Paraguay supposedly over border disputes but the real reason was because Paraguay was doing so well and was in fact way ahead of their South American counterparts at that time. This lead to resentment as Paraguay controlled the major trade routes and the river which connected the interior of South America to international business as well as a flourishing local economy. The war decimated 50% of the male population. Enough said. Now the Paraguayan people are happy to stick to themselves. Although, this mindset is changing. Paraguay is booming with construction and has officially the cheapest agricultural land in the world. Leading to an increase in foreign investment.

I have grown to love this country and the pace at which it moves. I have not visited all of South America yet but I hold a view that Paraguay is one of the most original and untouched South American countries still remaining on the continent. Lets hope it stays that way.

So that’s all for now. I will most likely be creating another blog to use as an experimental outlet of creative outpouring so I hope you will enjoy reading that as it will be very different from this one.



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