Gravitation cannot be hel…

Gravitation cannot be held responsible for people falling in love. How on earth can you explain in terms of chemistry and physics so important a biological phenomenon as first love? Put your hand on a stove for a minute and it seems like an hour. Sit with that special girl for an hour and it seems like a minute. That’s relativity.
Albert Einstein

Einstein. The Maestro


Experiencing Paraguay- The place where the water runs.

This is what the name “Paraguay”  literally translated into English from the indigenous South American Indian dialect of Guarani means.

There are vast aquifers running underground this country with pure, clean chambers of water that span from here to Brazil. Hence the name Paraguay.

In summer it is almost unbearably hot and humid with temperatures reaching the 40 degree mark regularly. Autumn is lovely, cool breezes and soft rain blanketing the rolling red,green and gold countryside. I have yet to experience winter but I am told it gets down to 1 and 2 degrees… Brrrr!!! Luckily living in the beautiful cape of South Africa prepares one for extreme temperatures and rapid climate changes. 

Animals : Domestically we have Cows, Goats, Horses, Chickens and Dogs roaming the school and their moo’s, squawks and various calls and cry’s fill the air, adding to the farm ambiance and atmosphere. On the wild side there are many different varieties of birds from parrots to vultures,eagles, hummingbirds, woodpeckers and entwined are the usual robins,sparrows and various little birdies that flit around doing their thing. There are also foxes and snakes… I have had many experiences with the latter.

Now. How many of you have actually seen a live snake in nature? Well… I have seen many, from puff adders to cobra’s and you will not see them before they see you. On one of my journeys into the Paarl mountains on my ace, while walking upstream, I found a drowned puff adder in the river . What a breath taking specimen of creation, I gently lifted it out the water and laid it on a boulder beside the river. I gazed at it for a long time taking in its markings and scales. I then plucked up the courage to prise open it jaws… FANGS. Big ones. set quite far back in the mouth.What a wonder of nature. 

I have seen a baby golden cobra too. In the Klein Karoo. It flashed past me so fast I only got a fright 2 seconds after! 

Two weeks ago I came across my first rattlesnake. Lethal is the first word that comes to mind. I was one hands breadth from standing on it when I realised something was curling up mere inches from my outstretched foot. I promptly yelled very loudly and did a one legged spring about a metre back where I came from! It just watched me. Very closely. Rattling the tip of it’s black “tail” I have never experienced such adrenaline. It felt at that moment like I could just lift off and start levitating! Hmm…. Maybe I could have.I’l bear that in mind for next time.

Another interesting experience was riding the bus. I live quite far from the city and when I board my bus there are little if any people inside. This changes within the next four stops, up to the point where some commuters are literally hanging onto the railings from OUTSIDE the bus. I thought to myself “wow, that must be pretty intense!”Little did I know. So when i had arrived safely in Asuncion and gone through the motions of signing documents etc, my friend and school principal Senor Enrique Resquin dropped me back off at the bus stop. At that moment my bus came swinging around the corner and lurching to a halt beside me, I noticed that people were standing on the step leading into the bus because it was so full. So……. On I stepped. Now imagine this. Both of my feet are half on the step and the other halves are hanging in thin air a couple of feet above rushing tarmac and I’m gripping two bars on either side of the door with my armpit resting on a fellow step riders shoulder. I rode the bus in this fashion for about 5 kays. Yes my arms were aching and growing tired, eventually when I thought I could take it no longer a family of 8 people, granny included descended the hallowed steps of our carriage to terra firma. I gratefully squeezed up beside the bus driver, paid my fare and happily stood the rest of the 40 kays back to my village of Cerrito. I observed that the people are incredible respectful of each others space. Its amazing. They have little or no ego whatsoever. To be strong and gentle with no ego is what all people of the entire beautiful but messed up mass of humanity should strive for. No exceptions.

I love people and I believe everyone is trying their best. To a certain extent. The thing is, if we all worked together life would be better for all. The government and “societal” control only damages and segregates us.

I have experienced the joy of sharing. Once people are sharing with you, whether they have a lot or very little to give and you begin to partake in this beautiful space, it fills you with a feeling of light and goodness which is unparalleled. It makes you want to give more, and more. Until all you are doing is giving and in kind,receiving.

Our structure of life which we call civilization is basically about taking. Taking what you want, when you want it and not giving a second thought to your fellow beings and their needs. It is reflected in our business set-ups, our careers and so in our daily lives. We take from the earth, we mine coal,minerals and oil, the reserves of mother nature which have taken billions of years to be created with nothing more on our minds than how much money are we going to make. We cut down whole forests. We pollute our life blood which is water by dumping our waste in the ocean and using chemical toxins left over from world war 2 to spray our crops with! These chemicals dont break down into the earth like their natural counterparts (nitrogen, potassium, phosphorous) because they are synthesized and instead they slime their way into rivers,streams,springs and aquifers.

Money is God. That is what some desperately,insane and highly intelligent people have led us to believe.

I have no doubt (I think) that these systems started out with good intentions and we are now trapped in a beast of our own, or perhaps a select few’s, making. Somewhere, someone knows exactly what is going on. What I find amusing is how people are so refusing of conspiracy theories, and yet they literally work their entire lives, mostly struggling but very docile and accepting of the fact that life is almost robotic and holds very little excitement and adventure which is one of the many keys to spiritual and personal growth. So what is so hard to believe about an elite group or groups of people controlling everything? Do you want to work your whole life? Have we been gently pushed into believing this is how life is meant to be? What about stories of witches and wizards and fairies and pixies? Story’s they might be but they came from times when people were more open and without any control over their mind and lives. We have lost our magic. We still have the ability but we lack the belief. I am sure we can “time travel” and “telepathically communicate” amongst many other fantastic things, but we have lost the will and the belief. This leads me to believe that the tribal people, the rural and untouched beings are going to be the ones who will lead us in a resurgence of these long lost powers. I have to say that it is probably a good thing we no longer possess such ability because currently we are not in the right mindset to use them for good purposes except to further ourselves.  Some day in the future hojala(I hope).

Note to the reader: I do not plan these blog posts, they just start flowing from mind to words. I hope I make sense and don’t come across in any negative way, I am merely speaking my mind and have no agenda.

I love writing. I love my family. I love my friends. I love my beautiful,special lady (you are amazing) I love music. I love gardening. I love nature and the earth. I love the ocean. I love experiences. And finally…I love sharing.

Thanks for reading my ramblings 🙂