The Loco Bobo is back…

Hello friends, family and wordpressors,

I have taken a very long hiatus from writing on this blog as life took a beeeeg U-turn and I had to leave Paraguay to come back home to Cape Town. 

I feel now is the time to resume. Mainly because my fingers are itching to write once more and secondly because I have some creative ideas I would like to share. 


The Palmy Moon

The Palmy Moon

If the moon gets you in a spin, make like a mighty palm, stand firm and breathe all the energy in, transfer it to your leaves and to your ancient trunk too and it will transform from frenetically kinetic into substance that sustains you from within. Be one with the elements,it’s all interlinked if you try resist all the more it will persist.

Now and Then

The sound of rapid fire volleys of some kind of semi automatic rifle not far away. Paraguay is big on their infantry. Contrasted with a particular grindy Sean Hayes number, base and deep trumpets layered with high pitched humming. Or is it contrasted? In the song the singer starts asking someone why their soldiers are murdering. More like it’s all in perfect harmony than contrasting. 

Had to defuse an “interesting” situation in class today. Two 16 year old boys at the peak of a confused hormonal state started pushing and then the fists were raised. So I smoothly slid in and did the typical crucified Jesus fight stopper of stretching both arms between the opponents and hoping for the best.      *No offense to Jesus, I didn’t have a better way to explain. Well it worked just fine and after 5 minutes they said sorry and one even kissed the other on the cheek. Quite a fantastic make-up I do say.

I literally have not had time to write. I am busy tearing into an important English course with gusto as well as teaching, writing lesson plans and getting into the garden on occasion. I am also researching and processing where to go after November. Extremely intense space of balancing out where I want to go and where is best to go for financial reasons. Luckily I have an amazing partner to share ideas and discuss options with. I wouldn’t have lasted thus far without you.

We went to a strawberry festival in the beautiful town of Aregua. Liqueur, cakes, ice lollies and fresh strawberries are piled everywhere in a deep, fruity red abundance. Baskets and baskets. Farms and farms full. 

I want to say, there is something so extremely draining about being in a crowd. Throngs of Paraguayans being particularly tiring. They are by nature an extremely curious bunch and when faced with well over 500 of them it becomes near impossible to breathe. Eyes are on you where ever you go. Now people have said “you should dress down” and “don’t expect them to change for you”. Pffffffffffttt. It’s not like we wearing fancy dress… And I don’t expect ANYONE to change for me so I’m certainly not going to change either. I have been living with 150 or more young Paraguayans for near on 8 months and their fascination with me has not waned but increased. I can’t wait to blend in again! Although I have no idea when this will be.

Well at least I am comfortable with myself or I would be a bundle of nerves and irritation. Which is the last thing I want to be.


This has been the first year I can remember without having the ocean and surfing in my life. I can feel the pull of the sea air and the cleansing waters of the Atlantic. Something taken for granted which was such a magic and beautiful part of my life for 20 years. Casting my memory back, I was in the water from 4 years old with dad and mom by my side and later on my sister joining me in the lineup. I am a privileged person to have sat out at many a beautiful break with each one of my family. Surfing is an amazingly interactive sport. So many elements and facets to each aspect. The water is fascinating enough on it’s own. Then add dolphins, whales, seals, the occasional shark and all manner of birds and see how engaging it becomes! Let’s not forget about the kelp, seaweed, sponges and microscopic life which is abundantly and submergently thriving in the great expanse of open ocean. Then there is your fellow surfers, the beings who ride waves all of which have a style and method of their own. I can see many a man or a woman’s personality when watching them ride a wave. 

The most amazing gift that comes with surfing is the ability to read the swell and the wind direction as well as knowing the signs of rain, change of weather. All of this is brought about simply from being in contact with the sea. I can look far out about 2 k’s and see the ruffled ocean and predict that the wind is going to change soon. Surfing also brings about a knowledge of sand. Yes sand. Waves break, run, roll, barrel, pitch, fold or dribble all according to the shifting shapes of the sand bars below the surface. We look at the form of the wave and we know exactly what that sand is doing down there. It becomes second nature, just like wondering what the waves are doing as soon as your eyes open. 

Water is my element. Therefore waves and waterfalls, rock pools and tidal pools are where I love to be.

So I am maneuvering into position to regain that moment when I can run and skim on my board into the ocean, paddle out, pushing under and being sprayed by the finest mist after going over the back of a beach bound wave, sitting still for a moment while watching the horizon gently get blurred and replaced by a blessing from the queen and then I know… It is my time to ride the most natural energy this world contains.